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Creating a future where anything is possible

Scale through innovation.

At Pear Capital we thrive on ‘art of the possible’ thinking, it’s what gets us out of bed in the morning. What gets us through the day is our ability to translate the ideas generated by this thinking, into scalable businesses.



Through our many years of digital innovation and platform development, we are experts in moulding ideas into feasible and executable roadmaps.



Pear Capital’s ability to map a concept to an exceptional user experience (UX) is where we set ourselves apart. UX at the end of the day, is what any product lives or dies by. We ensure that our design and development teams are in tune with and adept at global technology trends.



Taking a product or solution live is not simply about a functional product, but also ensuring there is a drooling market into which we must leap. Post ‘leap’ we structure our engagements in a way that ensures the ongoing success of any venture – after all a digital business is an ever evolving one.


Data Management and Analytics

Know your product growth and monitor its success

A digital platform needs to be able to produce deep insights in order to scale and/or pivot in an instant, such is the ferocious speed of digital.

We subscribe passionately to building platform with strong analytics capabilities - at the end of the day knowing exactly what customers/users are doing on your platform is instrumental to the direction it ultimately takes.

Our Projects

Start-ups and SMEs are our sweet spot. Low capital outlays mean lower barriers to entry and greater chance of success. Our flagship project currently is Bloom – a wedding planning platform, the first of its kind in South Africa. Have a look below for more detail.


Bloom The Wedding Planner

Bloom is a multi-vendor wedding planning platform where multiple vendors can create accounts and create listings while users use the extensive wedding planning tools available to build their dream wedding. Bloom is a one-stop-shop for all the wedding needs of the users and their inner circle.

Built with EmberJS, ExpressJS and NodeJS, Bloom is capable of scaling to meet the needs of any demand and is customizable enough to be re-used for any purpose.

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ScanPlan - An app for expos

Sign up quick and easily

This ensures that your data is safely stored in our cloud storage and you are able to access it on any device

Explore the expo in advance

Get ahead of the curve by checking out the vendors beforehand and favouriting them so you can remember on the day

Scan vendors to have them contact you after the expo

No more writing down details and trying to follow up afterwards, simply scan and they will get back to you!

Use our app for future expos

If there are other events integrated with ScanPlan then you can reuse the app without signing up again

ScanPlan is the next generation of engagement for expo visitors and exhibitors. No more writing contact details down, collecting business cards, fliers etc. ScanPlan enables users to plan in advance who they want to visit at the given expo, then scan their QR code when there. This notifies that exhibitor to follow up with the user. Value driven both ways, less admin, more info and more engagement.

Built from the ground up using Ionic, ExpressJS, NodeJS and PostgreSQL - deployed to iOS and Android.

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